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Today’s Style: For The Boys Who Must Not Be Angels

  • Pants/Vest: Express
  • Tie Clip: Custom
  • Tie: Express
  • Shirt: Express
  • Bracelet: Gift
  • Cufflinks: Custom
  • Sword: Renaissance Faire
  • Socks: Sock Dreams
  • Shoes: GBX

A 10 and a half year old boy should not feel so alone that he wants to kill himself. 

I know a young man who is being bullied at school. He has come to the point where he is contemplating suicide and I am trying to reach out to him, but he is scared and ashamed. 

I don’t actually advocate violence, but I want to protect him. And I’m angry. And sad. And frustrated. I was bullied as a child. I know what it feels like. To feel like no one can help you. That no one will help you. 

I want to fix things. But I can’t. Not completely. Despite the sword in my photos, I don’t think violence is a viable bullying defense. Often it exacerbates the problem and results in retaliation. No matter how much we’re told to “just stand up to them and they will back down,” violence is rarely, if ever, a solution.

But I hope that I can metaphorically arm my young friends’ mother and teachers with resources and guidance. I have been researching and training myself in bullying prevention as an extension of my job, and I hope to be a resource for him, his family and others that care about him.

I will post more info as I compile it, but here is a beginning. If you or someone you know are suffering from bullying or are contemplating suicide, please reach out to these organizations and use some of these tools.  They are here to defend you. And to remind us all that we can all help. Sometimes it’s as simple as not perpetuating a toxic environment. Small steps can still make a big difference.

  • 1 in 4 youth are bullied.
  • 5,736,419 youth are involved in bullying at any given time.
  • People who are bullied are at an increased risk of suicide.

Suicide Prevention Hotline in the US: 1-800-273-8255

Bullying Prevention Resources:

What Can A Bystander Do?

  • Don’t laugh or join in the bullying 
  • Find a way to physically move the student being bullied out of the bullying situation
  • Don’t repeat the lies or gossip, the name calling or other bullying behavior
  • Include the student being bullied in your activities
  • Be supportive to the target in private
  • Tell an adult what you saw and heard
  • Talk to the aggressor in private
  • Be supportive to the target in the presence of the aggressor
  • Confront the aggressor about their behavior in public

Bully-free Strategies for Schools and Community Centers

  • Have a clear and specific anti-bullying policy 
  • Implement consistent and immediate consequences for bullying
  • Give praise for pro-social and helpful behavior 
  • Increase supervision on the playground, in cafeterias, etc.
  • Provide training for all staff members
  • Involve parents
  • Investigate bullying incidents and work with children involved to prevent future incidents
  • Implement a comprehensive bullying prevention program

Top 10 Best Strategies in Bullying Prevention

  • Focus on the school environment
  • Assess bullying in your school
  • Gain support from staff and parents
  • Establish a bullying prevention coordinating committee 
  • Train staff in bullying prevention and to understand the difference between normal conflict and bullying
  • Clearly establish, communicate and enforce school rules and policies related to bullying
  • Increase adult supervision in the “Hot spots” for bullying
  • Gain commitment to intervene consistently and appropriately in bullying situations
  • Gain commitment for class time to focus on bullying prevention
  • Do not quit…continue the efforts over time
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  5. lazyfreezepop said: Its odd you post this today, Nick. I heard of a freshman at one of the high schools in New Orleans near my home that hung herself today. Some of the FB chatter said she’d been bullied. I hope you are able to help your young friend.
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    This man is absolutely amazing. I would to give him hugs every day if I could.
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  22. onyx-eyed-wonder said: Thank you for taking a stand to support people in situations like this. I truly believe my life was saved by older students looking out for me when I was in middle school, so to see someone else making a similar gesture means a lot.